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Global Tender No.PUR/147/Rand A/MP/P/2020-21/RET2 with Tender ID:2021_CSIR_81183_1.

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Stores & Purchase Officer CSIR- Central mechanical Engineering Research Institute M.G. Avenue, Durgapur 713209, West Bengal, India. Phone No. +91 343-6510333 are going to procure the following equipment/system:1. National Instruments cRIO 9039 System and Accessories NI and PXIe 8880 System and Accessories NI.

The Tender Documents have been hosted on Central Public Procurement Portal (etenders.gov.in) as well as our website www.cmeri.res.in.

Tender : Global Tender No. PUR/147/R and A/MP/P/2020-21RET2 with Tender ID: 2021_CSIR_81183_1.

We shall be grateful if you could kindly disseminate this information to organisations/persons who may be interested in the same.