About Us Pakistani Nationals

Pakistani nationals are not eligible for Tourist Visa; they should apply for Visitor Visa instead. Visitor Visa is generally valid for three months. Applicants should specify places to be visited.

All applicants of Pakistani origin who hold dual nationality must apply for an Indian Visa on their Pakistani passport only. Those holding NICOP must give a copy thereof. Copy of NADRA Card, with English translation clearly indicating address, must also be submitted.

Processing time for applications from Pakistani nationals/ those holding dual nationality may generally be 2-3 months longer than other cases.

Pakistani nationals should also submit a sponsorship certificate, duly attested by authorized officer in India, along with self-attested copy of photo identity card of the issuing officer. In case of a family (only spouses and children), one sponsorship certificate can be submitted for the whole family not exceeding six members if the family is traveling, entering and exiting India together. Sponsorship certificate may not be required in case of business visa or conference visa etc. if other supporting documents are available, or in case of applicants who have visited India within the past two years. Embassy of India would decide this requirement on case to case basis.

Validity of Visa: Applicants (except Business visa) must avail the visa within 90 days of issue.

Processing time of applications received from persons of Pakistani origin may take 7-8 weeks or more. Visa Application Form Visa form.

Please Note: When submitting application for visa, please ensure that passport has minimum 6 months validity and 2 blank pages.