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Advisory on Trade Dispute Resolution

In case an Indian Company doing business with a company based in Netherlands is faced with any trade dispute, all possible help would be extended by the Embassy of India, The Hague. 

The complaint by an Indian company regarding any trade dispute pertaining to a company located in Netherlands may be sent to the Marketing officer, email id - [email protected] with a copy to [email protected] 

Upon receipt of the request for resolution of the trade dispute from the complainant, the Embassy acknowledges the receipt of the application and requests the Complainant to provide the relevant information pertaining to the case.

1. After preliminary examination of the complaint the Embassy requests the Company against whom the complaint is received to provide an explanation regarding the complaint within two weeks. In case a reasonable response is received , the same is communicated to the Indian Complainant.  

2. In case the matter still remains unresolved, the Embassy requests the Complainant to take up the matter through judicial process/litigation as per the local laws.

At each stage of the dispute resolution the complainant is kept informed by the Embassy. 

Please also note: 

In order to resolve trade disputes relating to international trade, Director General of Foreign trade (DGFT), has launched an online module for filing and tracking of trade complaints. 

The Indian and Foreign trade entities may also file their complaints/disputes at www.dgft.gov.in >Services>File Quality>Trade Grievances>Fill online application form.

The website link for the DGFT website for complaints is https://www.dgft.gov.in/CP/?opt=quality-compaints