About Us About VFS Global, The Sole Authorized Service Provider

Embassy of India, The Hague has authorized VFS Global, to provide Outsourced Services pertaining to Visas, Passports, OCI Cards, Conversion of PIO to OCI Cards and the following Consular Services: NRI certificate, Attestation of Documents, Affidavits, Power of Attorney, Renunciation of Indian Passport/Surrender of Indian passport, Police Clearance Certificate, Collection of Indian driving license and Authentication of Indian driving license.

Service provider is authorized to collect Government of India fees from applicants and make a preliminary examination of the applications to see that they are in order, accompanied by requisite supporting documents, and to guide the applicants wherever deficiencies are noticed. Please note that service provider is not authorized to decide whether Visa, Passport, OCI card would be granted or refused to any applicant; this decision is taken by the Embassy of India, The Hague.

Service fee: In lieu of the above services, VFS Global is authorized to charge the following service fee only:

(a)  Basic Service Fee for Visa: €23.26 (Euros Twenty three and Twenty Six Cents only)
(b) Basic Service Fee + ten fingerprint biometrics for Visa: €23.26 (Euros Twenty three and Twenty Six Cents only)
(c) Basic Service Fee for all the other services: €18.51 (Euros Eighteen and Fifty One Cents only)
(d) Other Value Added Services (VAS) approved by the Embassy of India as mentioned in the chart below. These VAS are purely optional and are 
NOT mandatory for applicants. They may choose to avail them if they feel the need to.

The above charges are 
inclusive of all taxes.

The service provider is obliged to provide a bar-coded receipt to each applicant giving details of the amount collected by them.

Value Added Services: Embassy of India, The Hague has authorized VFS Global to provide following Value Added Services for applicants’ convenience, if they so desire:





Photo service meeting Indian norms available in all locations. Note that this service may not be suitable for new-born babies – we recommend obtaining the photos before your visit.

€6 (per 4 copies)


A photocopy service is available in all locations

€0.50 per copy


Print documents required for your application at VFS centre

€ 0.50 per printout


Use of computer to complete your online application form

€ 0


The ICPVAC offers the service of providing a secured courier delivery envelope to send back your passport or documents.
Please note that one envelope must be paid for each applicant.   Important: It is not possible to avail of this service once your application is processed or under process

Collection at Counter: € 0

€ 25

For detailed information about VAS, please visit service provider’s website at www.https://services.vfsglobal.com/nld/en/ind/. It may be noted that the service provider has not been authorized to provide any Value Added Service other than those mentioned above.

Contact: For details (address, timings, phone number, procedure for various services) about the authorized service provider, please go to www.https://services.vfsglobal.com/nld/en/ind/

Complaints against service provider: Complaints against VFS Global may be sent to Counsellor (Consular), Embassy of India, The Hague by e-mail ([email protected]) or by post (Buitenrustweg 2, 2517KD, The Hague). Complaints may also be sent to Manager, VFS Global by e-mail ([email protected]) or by post (Parkstraat 99, 2514JH, The Hague).

Note: VFS Global is the sole authorized outsourcing agency engaged by the Embassy of India, The Hague. Embassy of India, The Hague has not authorized VFS Global to function outside the Netherlands, or to accept any payment outside the Netherlands.

Please beware of unauthorized private visa bureaus / travel agents claiming to provide visa and other services by charging rates in excess of the authorized rates. For instance, all appointments at VFS Global’s service centres are given free of cost whereas unscrupulous visa bureaus/ travel agents may charge applicants for securing appointments.