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Types of passport

Ordinary Passport is the usual category of passport issued to Indian citizens. Normal validity of an ordinary passport is 10 years (except in the case of children up to the age of 15 years where it is issued for a validity of 5 years). Thereafter the passport needs to be re-issued. Wherever any changes are required in personal particulars pages of the passport or where the existing Passport has run out of pages for visas etc , a new passport needs to be obtained. A new passport can be issued one year before final expiry or on final expiry of any passport issued for full validity of 10 years (5 years in the case of minors)

How to Apply

  1. All applications for Passport may be submitted at VFS centre in The Hague (Parkstraat 99, 2514 JH The Hague, Netherlands,) or Amsterdam (Travelport Building, Radarweg 501-545, 1043 NZ Amsterdam). The submission of application in person is only possible by appointment (https://services.vfsglobal.com/nld/en/ind/book-an-appointment). Re-issue of passport application (Except Minor, New born, Lost, Damaged, Appearance Change, Name Change, Signature change which includes affidavit) may also be sent by post to The Hague VFS Centre.
  2. All the applicants seeking passport services may visit the link https://services.vfsglobal.com/nld/en/ind/  for further details.


Documents Required

Passport Issue/re-issue


Passport Issue Newborn


Processing Time

Usual processing time is 4 weeks. Please refrain from making enquiries during this period. 


Please visit the link: https://www.vfsglobal.com/one-pager/india/netherlands/english/oci-services/pdf/fees-chart-consular-services-15-09-2022.pdf


(i)  Indian Nationals on short term or Transit visa whose passport is lost/damaged/expired and who are returning to India can be issued an Emergency Certificate only. An Emergency Certificate, is a one way travel document which authorises an Indian national to enter India and to whom a new passport cannot be issued immediately.
(ii) Embassy of India, The Hague does not handle direct applications by walk-in or by post / mail.