About Us Ayush Visa


          AYUSH (AY-I) visa is granted to a foreigner (other than a Pakistani national) whose sole purpose is to seek treatment through Ayush systems / Indian systems of medicine like therapeutic care and wellness in a Hospital/ Wellness Centre.

Requirements :

(i) Wellness Hospital/ Wellness Centre should be accredited and registered with any Government authority(ies) concerned or NABH/ NCH/ NCISM accredited hospitals providing Ayush services.

(ii) who is a person of assured financial standing (the production of a return ticket and availability of sufficient money to spend during his/her stay in India including the expenses for such treatment, may be considered sufficient for this purpose)

(iii) who has submitted the medical documents [supporting letter from an accredited Ayush Institution where the visitor will be treated and prescription/ medical history document necessitating the treatment (not applicable to wellness) duly stamped by concerned accredited hospital of the foreigner’s country of origin or country of domicile].”

Visa to attendant/ family members :

(i) Attendants/ family members of the patient coming to India for medical treatment under Ayush systems may be granted AYUSH-2 (AY-2) visa co-terminus with the AY-1 visa. 

(ii) Not more than two persons (attendant or family member) may be allowed at a time for the grant of AYUSH-2 (AY-2) visa. This will also be applicable to Bangladesh nationals coming as attendants to patients.

(iii) The principal AY-1 visa holder and AY-2 visa holder shall exit India together, on completion of treatment or expiry of visa.