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 Advisory for Indianstudents seeking admission/studying in the Netherlands

  • Credentialsofuniversities: Students are advised to check the reputation, ranking, quality and background of institution/ university, before applying.


  • Accommodation: Please ensure that you have rented an accommodation before arriving in the Netherlands.  There is considerable shortage of housing in the Netherlands.


  • TravelingtotheNetherlands:Docarryfinancialinstrumentssufficienttomeetyourneeds whiletravelingtotheNetherlands.Carryproofsofpaymentofuniversityfeesand tuition deposit (if any) along with confirmation of accommodation before entering the country.



  • Know the university/institution: Know various services offered by your universityandavailthem.Generally,mostoftheseservicesarefundedfromtuitionfees. Enquire about them at the International Student Services Office of the university/institution.


  • Learn the Dutch language: Speaking Dutch is important if you want to integrate with the Dutch society and to connect with fellowstudents.It is also very useful to know some Dutch if you want to do an internship or to find a part time job. In some cases, it may even be a requirement. You have to pass the Inburgeringsexamen (civic integration exams)at A2 level to get Permeant Resident permit in the Netherlands.


  • Where to start learning Dutch: You can start learning Dutch before you come to the Netherlands. For example, by taking lessons with a Dutch teacher. You may be able to find one via the Dutch Embassy.Ask your institution’s international office if they can put you in touch with Dutch exchange students before you leave. They can tell you about Dutch student life and maybe even teach you some basic Dutch.


  • Remainconnected:Beintouchwiththe Embassy,localmentors/guardiansand Indian community organizations. Update your whereabouts with family and close friends especially when moving outside alone.


  • Seek help if depressed/anxious: It is natural to feel lonely while being in a new environment,awayfromhome.Shareyourfeelingswithfamily,fellowstudentsand teachers and feel free to connect with the Embassy. Do not hesitate to call professionalhelporseekuniversityservicesifyouarefeelingdepressedorhaving anxiety attack.


  • Medical insurance: Make sure you have valid and adequatemedical insurance during your stay in the Netherlands, preferably as recommended by the


  • Keep your personal information and documents safe: Keep your personal detailsand documents safe,includingyourbankaccount, creditcarddetails, passport/ visa,identification, immigration forms etc. sincetheycanbe easilymisused. It may be useful to keep the softcopies of identity and immigration documents accessible.


  • Beware of money mules/cat catcher: Anyone can be approached by money mules but criminals often target students. Beware of such people, social networking scams andtelephonecallsrequestingfor yourpersonalinformationand/orbankaccount details for money transfer.


  • In case of emergency while in the Netherlands: Dial 112 and connect with information line. In case of any untoward incident, report to the administrative division and International Students Office at the university immediately.


  • Embassy:PleasenotetheEmbassy’s emergencynumber0031 643743800.In case of any difficulty, please reach out to the following points of contact at the Embassy:


Ms. Tara Pathak, Counsellor (PIC & Education)Email: [email protected]

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sinha, Attaché (Consular)
[email protected]