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All foreign nationals entering India are required to possess a valid international travel document in the form of a national passport with a valid visa obtained from an Indian Mission or Post abroad.

Following are the requirements common for all types of visa unless specified otherwise:

(I) Visa application procedure:

  1. Visa application form has to be filled online at the link http://www.indianvisaonline.gov.in. Kindly note down the Temporary Application ID number which would enable you to save and continue with your application on a later occasion. 

  2. Applicants are advised to familiarize themselves with visa guidelines before filling the form.

  3. Notice about some fake/ misleading websites has been given under ‘Important Public Notice’.

  4. After completing and saving the online form, applicants are required to take a print and sign it, attach photographs& supporting documents, and submit the application along with prescribed fees at one of the India Visa Application Centres (service centres at The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam) run by the Embassy’s designated service provider, VFS Global.

  5. To save time, applicants are advised to go to the service provider with prior appointment. 

  6. VFS Global is the sole service provider acting on behalf of the Embassy of India in The Netherlands. For further details about their location, contact details, and procedures please go to their website www.vfsglobal.com/india/netherlands .

  7.  Visa applications are received direct at the Embassy of India in The Hague only for diplomatic or official visits on behalf of national governments, UN or other international organizations; or certain categories like mountaineering visa or missionary visa. Service provider is expected to guide the applicants in this behalf.

  8. Two passport size photographs showing full frontal fore-view of 5.1 x 5.1 cms size (2” x 2”) (one to be pasted and another to be stapled on the application form) are to be attached as prescribed.

  9. Passport should be valid for at least six months. Passport should have at least two blank pages.

  10. Foreign nationals holding Dutch Residence Permit are required to submit copy of their Residence Permit along with the passport, and proof of period of stay in the Netherlands as obtained from the Gemeente. Original Residence Permit should also be shown at the time of submission of application.

  11. Applications can be submitted with the service provider in person (by applicant himself/herself or through authorized representative) or by post. Please note that physical presence of the applicant in the Netherlands is mandatory at the time of submission of visa application and collection of passport; issuance of visa in absentia is not permissible. We advise submission of application in person so that biometric requirements can be fulfilled and clarifications if any can be obtained on the spot. Embassy is not responsible for loss of/ damage to passport or any other article sent by post.

(II)  Visa applicants must have their biometrics (fingerprints and photograph of face) recorded when they submit their applications at the Service Centre of VFS Global even if application is sent by post. Visa applications will not be processed until biometric data is received. All persons coming for recording their biometric data have to come physically for submission of their visa application, after getting online appointment from the authorised service provider, VFS Global. Biometrics will not be recorded until visa application form has been completed with correct details to the satisfaction of service staff. If the fingerprints taken do not meet the required quality standards, the fingerprints must be taken again after cleaning of fingers and equipment. The fingerprints with the best quality would be collected. If it is not possible to obtain prints of all ten fingers, e.g., due to a missing finger, then the print of maximum number of fingers would be collected. Certain categories of applicants are exempted from the biometrics requirement:

  • Children under the age of 12 and adults above 70 years;

  • Heads of State or Government and members (diplomats) of a national government on official visit.

(III) Any applicant may be called for interview at the discretion of the Embassy.

(IV)  Enquiries with respect to visa applications may be addressed to the service provider either by phone (number 070-7709487) or by e-mail [email protected] .

(V) Foreigners while visiting India should abide by the law of the land and should not indulge in any kind of unlawful activity. They should also refrain from contracting Muttah marriage.

(VI)  Visa is not a matter of right. Decision of the Embassy of India in the matter shall be final.

(VII) For visa fee please see ‘Visa Fee’.

(VIII)  Time taken: Tourist Visa is normally issued within three working days upon receipt of visa application with passport in the visa section of the Embassy. Additional 2 working days are taken by the service provider for receiving and disbursing the applications. At least 3 more working days may be taken for non-Dutch nationals.

            In case of Business Visa/Employment Visa for nationals of Afghanistan, China, Nigeria, Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and foreign nationals of Pakistan origin, the process of completing a Business Visa may take upto 3 to 6 months. 
In case of nationals of Pakistan and foreign nationals of Pakistan origin, the process of completing any category of Visa may take upto 3 to 6 months generally.

(IX) To know the Embassy holidays, please see ‘Holidays at the Embassy’.

Please Note:

  1. i.Visa will be valid from date of issue (not from date of submission of application or date of travel).

  2. ii. Applicants are advised to verify their particulars on the Visa sticker immediately on collection of passport.

  3. iii. Embassy of India will not entertain any claim for refund of visa fee or recompense of any loss due to non-grant of visa. Though copy of return ticket is commonly submitted as proof of financial standing, applicants are advised to finalize their travel plan only after obtaining visa because visa is not a matter of right, and visa fees is non-refundable. 

  4. iv. Applicants are advised to contact the service provider, VFS Global for inquiries relating to visa applications. Any complaint related to the quality of the service being offered by the service provider may be sent to the Embassy at the e-mail [email protected]. The service provider is authorized basically to collect applications and fee, and to return processed travel documents to applicants; decision to grant or reject visa is taken by the Embassy alone. Non-acceptance of applications by service provider in case of lack of supporting documents does not amount to rejection of visa by the Embassy.

  5. v. For extension of visa, or conversion of visa from one type to another, while in India, one must approach the concerned FRRO/FRO (Foreigners Regional Registration Office/ Foreigners Regional Registration Office). Applicants must follow Immigration guidelines on requirements related to registration of foreigners in India.

  6. vi. The requirements mentioned for various categories of visas in this section are only indicative and not exhaustive; the Embassy can ask for any additional information/document for consideration of the visa application.

  7. vii. Applicants are advised to apply for right category of visa in accordance with the purpose of their visit. Failure to do so would constitute violation of visa norms, and could adversely affect future visa applications. In case the violation is detected while the individual is already in India, he/she could be served Leave India Notice.

  8. viii. Information related to Indian visa is posted on different websites like that of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Embassy of India, the authorized service provider, etc. Discrepancies in regard to information on different websites may be brought to the notice of the Embassy of India. Embassy’s website gives only a general account of the various rules and guidelines, which are subject to change from time to time. Government’s guidelines on the subject, and not the website, remain the final source of understanding on the subject.