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The Gandhi Cultural Centre (TGC) was established in the year 2011 in the city of the Hague. 

The Gandhi Centre is the Cultural wing of the Embassy of India in The Hague. It is supported by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (www.iccr.gov.in), which was established in the year 1950 with the objective of promoting and strengthening India’s cultural relations with the rest of the world.

Through the facilitation of cultural and intellectual interaction between India and the Netherlands on both an institutional and individual level, it seeks to foster and promote Indian knowledge and culture within the Netherlands. The TGC aims that the activities it organizes will help strengthen the connections between the people of the two countries on a personal level.

Among the many facets of Indian culture, Yoga has been practiced since ancient times, and TGC offers regular sessions in this discipline in addition to the more familiar ones in Hindi, Indian dance, and music. TGC hosts events featuring Indian dance and music performed by both local and visiting artists from India. In addition, it arranges for Indian performing arts organizations to perform in venues across the Netherlands. There is also a significant emphasis on academic gatherings and collaboration with Dutch educational establishments. TGC helps students from the Netherlands study in India through a number of scholarship programs and also on a self-financing basis.

To facilitate beneficial collaboration between Dutch and Indian academic institutions, TGC works closely with Dutch universities, institutions, academies, schools, and organizations to connect them with their Indian counterparts. Festivals and other special events from both India and the Netherlands are often celebrated. It also organizes events with the help of Indian student groups and diaspora communities across the Netherlands.

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The Gandhi Centre
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