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Student (S) Visa

Student visa is given to bona fide students to pursue regular studies at recognized institutions in India. Student visa is also given to students sponsored by AIESEC for exchange programs involving Indian educational institutions. The visa is usually multiple entry and valid for the period of study as approved by the educational institution in India. Please note the validity of the visa is effective from the date of issue.


  •  Letter of admission from recognized school/ college/ university/ educational institution in India. 
     Letter from the school/ college/ university/ educational institution in the Netherlands as the case may be.
     Copy of respective educational institution’s recognition by competent Indian authority.
     Proof of financial standing/ support.

Visa Fee : € 93 for three months to five years validity.
For further details please see FAQs on Student Visa

Time taken:

The time taken may vary on case-to-case basis. 

Student Internship


       Letter of admission/ acceptance for internship purposes from the Indian School/ University giving details of internship along with copy of recognition certificate of the concerned institution.

       Letter from Dutch educational institution where the applicant is a student clearly bringing out that the proposed internship is part of applicant’s educational curriculum; duration of internship sought; details of the recognized Indian institution. 

       Proof of financial support/ latest bank statement.

Time taken:

The time taken may vary on case-to-case basis.

Visas for study of Yoga, Vedic culture, Indian system of music & dance etc.


  •  Admission letter from recognized institute, body etc.
     Proof of financial support/ latest bank statement.

    Visa Fee: € 99 (6 months validity)

    € 148 (1 Year validity)
    € 247 (upto 5 Years validity)

    Time Taken

May vary on case to case basis.

Note: For further procedural details, go to website of service provider www.vfsglobal.com/india/netherlands. In case of any discrepancy between this website and the website of the service provider or any Government of India website, please bring the same to the attention of the Embassy at e-mail: [email protected]

Please note:

Visa applicants are advised to verify the credentials of the Indian educational institute/ Yoga, music, dance or Vedanta institute etc., before applying for Student or Research Visa. Embassy of India is not responsible for verification of credentials/ accreditation of the Indian institute or the equivalence of the course to be pursued or any other related matter. In case of any doubt in this regard, separate reference should be sent to the Education Wing of the Embassy and visa should not be applied for till applicant is satisfied. Upon arrival in India, applicants should carefully follow instructions in regard to registration of foreign students, for which one may contact the local FRRO/FRO.